I consider a big privilege to present this book of Toledo Piza's teacher Zélia, which illuminates the initiation knowledge.

I already had the great honor of prefacing her first book, "PERSONAL BALANCE", which puts us informed of the most modern psychological techniques for the personal growth.

In the present book, just as zealous mother that gives the hands to their children in the moment of they make a dangerous crossing, the author drives the reader, with impeccable didacticism and with amazing simplicity, through the intricate roads that drive the human being in this maze, full of traps, until his  primitive source, until the Divinity.

As psychologist and educator Teacher Zélia participated in several cultural movements.

Knowing her from long date and having participated with her in the orientation of  the students' parents of the School "Child's Kingdom", I had opportunity to notice that Zélia is an instructor that differs for her great knowledge in the area of the Esoterism.

Besides being psychoanalyzed, taken courses of "Análise Transactional", "Bioenergetics", "Neuro-linguistics", Autohypnosis, teacher Zélia presents the great gift of preparing their disciples, not just for a happy, productive terrestrial life and very well structured, but she still prepares them for the path that leads to the eternity.

From the publication of the book, "Tao of Physic" of Fritjof Capra" best world seller", that the science is comparing and recognizing that the old Wisdom of the great wise persons of  Orient advanced and agrees with the most modern physics knowledge. Even before this, the Quantum Physics, the Restricted Relativity and the General, as well as the most updated Physics "Holotrópica" and the Physics of the Energies Escalate, all approach enough of the concepts of the constitution of the Universe defended by the ancient wises.

Several currents were formed in favor of the spirituality, including the called "Fourth Force of the Psychology", the "Psychology Transpersonal" - that is going besides the time and of the space.

And in this crossroad where we are, in this transition of eras, nothing more opportune than a synthetic and full of wisdom book to illuminate our highway.

The human path is walked of gravels, but, as the author shows us, each stone in the road serves as lever to driven into us to the front and for the high.

As a fish sliding easily the water, Teacher Zélia drives us gently, taking into account the Philosophy, the Psychology, the Physics and the Esoterism. The author contacts us with exceptional beings like Helena P. Blavatsky, Annie Besant, Leadbeater and so many others that walked on the same highway, besides Einstein, the modern Physics Father.

The extreme capacity of turning subjects extraordinarily complex in data simple and easily assimilable constitute in a notable characteristic of the author.

On behalf of all that have the happiness of learning with this interesting book, I thank the friend Zélia for, instead of keeping only for herself such deep knowledge, she spreads them so that all those who knows how to absorb it may have larger possibilities of growth and, who knows, with elapsing of the time, get her wanted coalition with the Absolute.

Dr. Geraldo de Paula Barros


Dr. Geraldo de Paula Barros

psychiatric doctor           

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