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"Administration of the Home" - Part I

Zélia de Toledo Piza

This is a very complex subject, because there is a group of factors that should collaborate, that should be geared, for the good operation of a home.

As the components of a home are human beings, then, we need firstly to consider this being in his intimate constitution.

The man is, today, the product of their experiences of the past, accomplished through a succession of reincarnations and, also, of the environmental influences suffered in this life. It is this that produces the diversity among the human beings. There is a law that governs this come to be of the man - it is the called Karma. Karma is the Law of Cause and Effect, that can be defined perfectly by the physics law, elaborated by Newton - To all the action always corresponds an equivalent reaction and of contrary sense. This game of the Cause and Effect goes on governing the man's evolution and of the universe also. Considering the man's development in the current moment, we notice the following picture.

The man counts, to react before the life, with three basic elements of his nature - Will - Mind - Emotion.

If we analyze the current man's constitution, we will see that all his complexity is framed in these three elements, in fact, recognized by the psychology as principles cognitive, sensitive and volitive. We can say that these are the three tools that the man possesses to work his interior development.

Well then, it is the development index in each one of these factors that gives as summation that which we call personality or the being's character. The unbalance among these elements gives the being messed up, unhappy. While the so decanted happiness, that which each one looks for eagerly without getting to find is simply the resulting from the balance among these three values.

It is necessary, firstly, as introduction to a comment about "Administration of the Home", to do this analysis of the human being, because a home will only be "sweet home" when those that integrate it have found this interior balance. Because the unbalanced man doesn't know how make use the scale of values of the life. Only somebody that found the peace, the peacefulness interns, can do happy those that surround him. Otherwise, more days, less days, the discord invades.

A lot of people put his happiness in function of those that surround him. It is a mistake. Nobody is responsible for our private happiness, nobody, except us. Those that surround can increase her or to limit her, but never to forge her. Because the happiness is not a condition of material life, but it is a state of being interior, that does not depend on the contingencies of the terrestrial life.

If each one is happy, by himself, there won't be other alternative, the group will be happy. If one of the components of the home be messed up, unhappy, no matter how much the others collaborate, the atmosphere will always be tense, restless.

We will analyze each one of the fundamental elements of the personality quickly. The Will, in other words, the willpower is the pivot of the evolution. The man without willpower is a person predestined to the defeat, because he will be always postponing their accomplishments eternally, always finding excuses to justify their failures. It means that the Will is that tyrant capable to enslave or to free the man.

In the section of the Mental, of the knowledge, of the intelligence, the humanity presents a fabulous development. It spares any comment because the fact is evident. In this point, the humanity is in agreement with the cycle, because the current evolutionary cycle is essentially mental. This characteristic comes clear in the own generation that is appearing. The youth of the moment is much more intelligent than the last generation that comes to be our generation, the one of those that is now with white hair.

Here, in this excessive development of the mental, limited to the section knowledge, is exactly the cause of the unbalance reigning in the humanity. This happens because, in relation to the mental, it should not just be considered the development of the intelligence, but it should be, also, developed the faculty that calls reason, that part that qualifies the man to identify the right of the wrong. It is this internal unbalance that results in the disturbed behavior of the people and, mainly, in the youth's behavior - it is noticed an uneasiness, a lack of right objectives, and an interior dissatisfaction.

It is patent that something is wrong with the modern world. So much intelligence, talent to the lines of the brilliant idea and still it didn't get to solve the problem of the poverty, of the unemployment, of the aggressiveness. The man reached high degree of technical intelligence, but he continues with low index of reason, of discernment, then the bad application of the elements discovered by the science such as the atomic bomb, aviation and so many other products used in the fellow creatures' damage. From there the wrong objective of the great groups that command the world nowadays.

This unbalance appears for a very simple reason, although of order basic, vital, because the spring that impels the man to act right or wrong, in other words, to use the reason, is in the emotion and, in spite of the man to have developed his intelligence almost to the maximum, though his emotion was stagnated in apprenticeship still close to the one of the animal kingdom.

Emotion is, without a doubt, the human being's complex part, besides being the dominant part, because the man, in the current period of training the evolution is still essentially dominated by his emotion. The average of the humanity has little life interior, little introspection. For this reason, the emotion that drives the man is still rudimentary, instinctive and it harms his capacity of discernment, it annuls his reason. It is necessary that there is a radical modification in the man's emotion so that the several beings' coexistence under the same roof results in something pleasant.

The fundamental characteristic of the human emotion is the one that the theosophy calls egoidade. That principle that gives the sense of the individuality, that makes each man to feel as the most important being of the universe, around which everything rotates and for whose welfare everybody needs to surrender, to curve, inclusive the components of his own home.

As the personality of one of the spouses prevails on the other, the home becomes patriarchy or matriarchy. This doesn't work in the century XXI. It is necessary cooperation, understanding. It is necessary that each one gets to contain in their egoistic reactions and acquire larger impartiality to judge the events of the moment. It is necessary that each one tries to react always with justice before the other. Then, more and more the atmosphere of the home will go if turning light, attractive, inviting.

See in the following article the sequence of this subject.