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In the last article, we say that man has not just this physical body visible and tangible, but several others that work in an integrated manner, resulting in this being so rich in physical, organic, psycho-mental and spiritual resources, as we are today.

Reiterating what has been said in the previous article, as instruments of action in the physical world, we have, beyond the physical body, the vital body, the emotional and the concrete mental. As already mentioned, we do not perceive them because they are in states of condensation more subtle.

According to Einstein, matter is energy in a potential state, and the difference in states of the matter is due solely to the fact that millions and millions of small elements energetic - the atoms - keep up sometimes more cohesive, and sometimes less cohesive as a result of the performance of certain forces.

In the solid state, the cohesive force between the atoms is considerable, justifying the consistency and the sensation that we feel of them. In the liquid state, the inter-atomic or intermolecular cohesion is less than in the solid. In gaseous form, the cohesion is even lower. In this latter state, the repulsive force is greater than the cohesion and that is why the gas occupies the largest area possible.

As we stated in the previous article, it begins to be perceived by the science a fourth state of matter, even more subtle than the gaseous. This state of matter was considered, since millenniums, by the Eastern traditions and has received several names.

The vital body was already known to the Egyptians and Chinese. In more recent times, the scholars have mentioned it. Paracelsus, who lived from 1493 to 1541, wrote that the entire microcosm (nomenclature that he used to refer to the physical man) is potentially contained in the "Licquor Vitae," a nervous fluid, in which are the nature, the quality, the character and the essence of all beings. To this "Licquor Vitae" he also gave the name of "Arche".

Mesmer, who lived from 1734 to 1815, stated that every living being has a magnetic fluid which provides a reciprocal influence between people and that he called "animal magnetism". The one who could control this fluid could pass it to another person, causing cures, such as those that he accomplished.

The most recent researchers were the couple Kirlian, Russians, to which we referred in the previous article, and that gave to this state of matter the name of "Bioplasm".

The experiments undertaken by these scientists are beginning to put this vital body, announced by the occultists, within scientific parameters. Through special photographs, they can record the existence of an electromagnetic field around the physical body. These scientific investigations confirm the statement of the Schools of Occultism that this vital body is composed of a multitude of small channels that form a real network. By these channels, called nadis, circulates a cosmic energy that Hindus call the Prana and the Chinese Yin-Yang. This energy spreads around the body and is called of "vital aura".

The Kirlian effect put the body in an electric field of high frequency - between 75 thousand to 200 thousand cycles per second. An important Russian scientific association demonstrated that the Kirlian photography could detect signs of disease on leaves of plants that through the naked eye were presented in a state perfectly normal. SM Pavlenko, head doctor of the First Moscow Medical Institute, said: "The Kirlian photography can be used in early diagnosis of many diseases, especially cancer. The diseases cause characteristic changes in color and appearance in the energy fields photographed around the body. "

The Soviet biologist V.M. Inyushin, belonging to the University of Kazak, calls this field "body bioplasm" and states that have been observed variations in the color characteristics of this "vital aura" that point to changes in health status, about three weeks before they manifest in the physical body.

In the book "Galaxies of Life", by Stanley Kripner and Daniel Rubin, written in 1973, there is a detailed account of the work of the scientist North Korean Kim Bong Han. He injected in patients who have been given to experience, radioisotopes in key points of acupuncture and followed its path inside the body. He received powerful evidence of the existence of another circulatory system unknown to Western medicine.

It is precisely through this system, which is immersed in this ethereal state of matter, which circulates the energy of prana, cosmic energy. It penetrates our body mainly through breathing. When we breathe, the oxygen follows the path to the lung and the energy of Prana enters the etheric channels.

Prana is the energy that sustains the life; it is she who aggregates the physical cells. Without Prana there don't exist living cell. In death, the vital body disconnects and is the withdrawal of the energy that causes the deterioration of the physical.

This energy of prana is concentrated in certain points and forms the so-called "chakras", which are vortices energy. Each chakra is related to nerve ganglia that maintain the health of the organs. It is the vital body which controls and promotes biological functions; the disease begins there, in that body, and only then comes to the physical.

It would be of great value to medicine if the doctor could see the vital aura. It could then determine where there is energy imbalance and act in disease before it reached the physical.



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