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The teacher José Henrique de Souza affirms: "The key of each step is inside of the own applicant. It is not the fear to God that represents the beginning of the wisdom, but it is the knowledge of the ME that is the own wisdom. If I discover myself, I discover the Universe - I am the microcosm."

Helena Petrovna Blavatsky affirms: "Everything in the Universe settles down by the law of the Correspondence: That which is on top is as that which is below. The man is the microcosm of the Universe."

Manly Palmer Hall says the following: "A lot before the introduction of the idolatry in the religion, the primitive priests, that were anatomists, biologists, physiologists, chemical, doctors, astronomers, mathematical, musicians and philosophers, to facilitate the study of the natural science, sculpted a man's figure and they put it in the shrine of the temple. For them, the human figure symbolized the Divine Power and was considered as a book of texts. For their proportions in relation to the Universe, they got to understand the mysteries of the celestial plan. It was as a mannequin that could be opened to show inside and it was all covered with hieroglyphs. In the course of time, they didn't know any more the origin of the mysterious man mannequin and he passed to be considered as representation of God, giving, like this, the begin to the idolatry."

Teacher James H. Breasted, archeologist of the University of Chicago, affirmed that the Egyptian doctors during to XVIII dynasty, at the time of Kunaton, 17 centuries before Christ, they had a scientific knowledge comparable to the one of today. They knew, inclusive, the cerebral locations.



1. The man's archetypical pattern is the star of five tips. M. T. Subba Row in his book "Five years of Theosophy" says the following: "Makara (In the theosophy, Makaras are a category of celestial beings that had participation in the man's appearance inside of the Universe) contains in itself the key for his interpretation. The letter "Ma" is equivalent to the number five and "Kara" means members or extremities" H.P.B. says: "Makara is a word Sanskrit that, in the occultism, symbolizes a pentagon, the star of five tips, equivalent to the five extremities of the man".

 2. The head is representation of the divine world and it possesses 8 bones. (8 are the global value of the second throne, in the occultism). The face has 14, which complete the 22 larger arcane. (Arcane - word that means enigmatic, cabalistic and designates each one of the sheets or letters of the tarot deck of cards, so that 22 of them call themselves larger arcane and they refer to the divine plan.) The head is above the second throne and it is from there that leave the 22 primordial sounds for creation of the Universe. They are 22 the letters of the Hebraic alphabet, considered sacred. That alphabet has 22 letters being 7 vowels. Try to pronounce the vowels and you will see that the sound is going arising progressively by the roof of the mouth. The roof of the mouth, by its turn, is a true vault, formed by the palatal bone. Says the mythology that, "on Palatine Mount, the temples of Jupiter and Juno were built". Well then, on the palatal bone they are the orbits where, in the occultism, they are headquartered Venus and Mercury. (A description on Cosmogênese you will find in the book "THE Man and the Universe").

 3. The mouth receives in Hebrew the word Beth that means house, residence, home. The mouth has 32 teeth, corresponding to the 32 portals of the wisdom, portals or energy centers that we should open to establish communication with the Arcanum - the larger 22, structures of the Divine World and the 56 minors, structures of the manifested world.

 4. The Hindu tradition considers the man's physical structure as the one of the lotus flower. She is born inside of the mud. In the base of the backbone it is the part instinctive - emotional that, for being badly used, became something comparable to the mud. The stalk of the lotus has 33 nodules, just as the spine. In the high there appears the exuberant flower, of white color, comparable to the perfection of the human brain. The number 33 is cabalistic and appears symbolized:

-         in the stairway of Jacob that links the sky to the earth and that has 33 steps.

-         in Jesus that appeared preaching at the 33 years.

-         in the Freemasonry that has 33 degrees of initiation.

5. The symbol of the Earth is the cross. But the cross is already being passed; it is having the passage for a fifth thing, represented by the rose in the middle of the cross. They are four complete systems on the way to the fifth.

6. In the traditions and religious conceptions, God is above and the temples celestial or sacred are always located in the high of Mountains. All of the transcendent events happened in the high of mountains: Moises received the Decalogue in the high of Mount Sinai, Jesus uttered the Prophetic Sermon, accomplished the transfiguration and many other events, always in the high of mountains.

In the man, the high of that mountain is the skull with his content.

7. The tradition says that the man is linked to his conscience by the called thread of Sutratmã that, in the mythology, corresponds to the thread that Ariadne gave to Teseu. Ariadne represents the spirit that gave to Teseu the capacity to enter in the maze of Minus and to kill the monster Minotaur. That thread of Sutratmã is known as the necklace of the 777 pearls, number this that is related to the man's mental capacity.

Sutratmã, according to H.P.B.: "the thread of the spirit"; the immortal Ego That which embodies in the man, life after life, lives that turn as beads of a necklace.

8. An analogy of the oriental tradition says that the backbone represents the sword in flames put in the portals of the Eden, being that in the Eden they were the trees of the good and of the evil. In the brain, close to which the backbone is put, we have the two glands - the pineal or epiphysis, considered as the 3° eye and that, in the Chinese tradition, is Yang, solar, in other words, the Positive Pole, "the Well" and the pituitary body or hypophysis, that is Yin, lunar, considered in other words, the Negative Pole, "the Badly."

The interior of the body pineal is composed by closed follicles, surrounded of growths of fabric connective. The follicles are full of cells epithelials blended with calcareous matter, the cerebral sand (acervulus cerebri) The calcareous deposits are also met in the stalk pineal and in the plexus coroideos vascular plexus (located between the retina and the white of the eye in the back part of the eyeball and that finish inside the cerebral ventricles). The function of the body pineal is ignored. Discards suggested that it would be the home of the spirit in the man. The gland pineal is a link between the man's physical conscience and the invisible worlds of the nature. It is called Eye Cyclopic, because it was an organ of conscious vision a lot before the physical eyes were formed. About the sand there existent the science nothing knows. The investigations demonstrated that this sand doesn't exist in the idiots neither in those with lack of mental organized. The occultists know that this sand is the key of the spiritual conscience. The same serves as link between the conscience and the form.

9. The 2nd Throne has several cabalistic values - the 7 is one to them: 

The man has: 

7 centers of energy, called chakras. 

7 nervous plexus - pharyngeal, laryngeal, cavernous, heart, epigastric, prostatic and sacred. 

7 layers of the epidermis. 

7 more important endocrine glands. 

7 holes in the skull.

7 musical notes there exist being 3 fundamental - Do, Mi, Sol -, corresponding, according to the Cabal, to the lost word, those first sounds emitted by the Creator. 

7 colors of the rainbow being 3 fundamental. 

Cabalistic curiosities on the fingers: 

The fingers correspond to the planets. Beginning for the minimum finger we have - Mercury, Sun, Saturn (the largest and older), Jupiter, Venus - the Moon is in the palm of the hand and Mars also. The fifth, Venus, in other words, the thumb, is not ternary and it is the only one that touches all the other ones, because it is the Cosmic accomplishment of the moment. Venus is related to the fifth system. Something exists curious in the popular habits: when the individual lies, it is habit to cover the indicator, with the medium and to hide behind. It hides the 8th Principles or the Truth of the Cycle. When one want to reach some thing, it is made an amulet, in other words, the fifth is protected, that is Venus. 

Another value of the 2nd Throne is the 12: We have 12 pairs of ribs.

10. There exists an analogy of the Macrocosm with the embryology: It is the legend of the goddess Kundaline, that represents a Cosmic force. The Hindu legend says that Kundaline got off the Sky by a stairway (umbilical cord), until arriving to an island (solar plexus) in the middle of the ocean (liquid amniotic). When the stairway is cut and turned off of the Sky, she - Kundaline - quickly hides at a cave (sacred plexus), where it is hidden of the men's eyes. However she should be pulled of the cave, because while she is there, the world will be in the obscurity. (It is implicit the idea of the auto-realization. Only the transformation frees Kundaline). 

11. The occultism affirms that the Universe is contained in the human body - all of the worlds, all the plans, all the gods. The cells of our body are as inhabitants grouped in kingdoms, nations, races - the several systems. Who governs is the man's conscience. By his turn, each one of us is a cell in the body of the Infinite Creation.

Fritz Khan, who is a scientist of the present time, whose acme was more or less 1.940, with great esoteric vision, helps us to notice as everything is in everything, in other words, as the Universe reproduces himself in the minima details of the manifestation.

He says that, if we increase a drop of blood some thousands of times, we can see that the drop contains 5 million of cells that show as disks similar to true suns. If we increase one of those cells, we will see a net, a reticulum, inside of which we meet granules that are the molecules. If we increase those molecules we will find in each one of them at least 1.000 atoms, each atom containing their electrons, protons and neutrons etc. If we lived in 1 electron, kept the proportions, we would have a Universe as immense as this in which we live. The distances among the several elements would be relatively equal to the distances between the heavenly bodies. The electrons would be planets, the molecule would be constellations and the cell in which we were would seem us a system of the solar world just like the Milky Way, where is the Earth. This in a drop and the man has 5 liters of blood regularly in the body. Only there we begin to have an idea of the Microscopic greatness.

Confirming this idea, Manly Palmer Hall in his book "Melkitzedek and the mystery of the Fire", published in 1.928, transcribes the following citation:

"Pitagoras said that the Creator made two things to His Image: 

1 - The cosmic system with their myriad of suns, moons and planets; 

2 - The man, in whose nature the whole Universe exists in miniature."



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