Zélia de Toledo Piza       

Based on psychology, the man has to react to environmental stimuli, three internal factors: cognitive, sensory and volitional.

The Eubiose confirms that these are the basic elements of human reactions: Mind - Emotion - Will - and affirms that, between them, it develops a set of forces that results, inclusive, in the "Karma" of each one.

To understand this game of the human soul, it is necessary to understand the difference between will-desire and willpower. Will-desire is one that drives to action in order to obtain an immediate pleasure. Willpower is one that leads the person to act with a view to the fulfillment of a goal, the implementation of something that while not producing immediate pleasure will bring long-term compensation. It is the force that leads a person to act according to the dictates of the conscience.

It means that these three principles of the soul act on several levels. The Will starts from a weak Will, slave of the desire, passes through a Will that fights between options and arrive to the Higher Will that doesn't hesitate to follow the path that the person considers fair. The mental starts from the ignorance, passes through the discursive mind, logical, when acquires knowledge, and arrives to the Wisdom, which is the fullness of intuition. The emotion starts from his content instinctive, selfish, egocentric, passes through an emotion more balanced when the individual not only receives but also gives, when he contributes to the community, and arrives to the emotion more refined, more altruistic, and more universal.

These levels have their reason of being. The impulses of desire, for example, are needed to bring men to action, and to cause the dynamics of the soul. This dynamism is what enables men to the implementation of the Free Will. According to the choices you make, it promotes your evolution or your involution.

The process proposed by Eubiose for inner development consists of the following steps:

1. Putting the problem in mind, analyze, acquire knowledge about the fact, about the subject;

2. Then, in possession of the data involving the issue, try to discern what the best action is;

3. You should then act according to the solution, employing your Higher Will, even if it requires much effort.

When selecting the path, the individual discovers the laws that govern life. While discovering laws, the man raises his level of consciousness; increasing the level of consciousness, the man walks through the evolution. To evolve is to transform and this is the objective of the life on the surface of the earth. It is for this reason that the difficulties arise in the way of men, exactly to activate that inner game.

In this respect, are the words of Professor José Henrique de Souza, the encoder of the principles of the Eubiose: "Eubiose is the science of life". As such, it is one that teaches the means to live in harmony with the laws of nature and thus with the universal laws, from which the first derive.

In virtue of Eubiose research the origins of the universe and life; in virtue of seeking to understand the Universal Laws and how these are reflected in us, it places the man in the universe, bringing an inner stability never before found.

It happens that, in the current stage, the human being is still predominantly influenced by the emotional life. The mind had an extraordinary development in detriment of an emotion still selfish and individualistic. As a result, science and technology are equipping the man with a tremendous destructive power. Gradually, we should go on strengthening the Reason, that is, we should go overriding the mental judgment over the charges of the emotion, because it represents one of the keys to inner development.

Applying the formula of Eubiose in ourselves, assessing the levels in which are our psychic factors, we can make a self-judgment. The human tendency, however, is each one to judge the other. This social defect ends when we enter the teachings of Eubiose because we see that the factors of evaluation about the dynamics between mind, emotion, and will belong to the I of each one and that, therefore, not having the I of the other in ourselves, it becomes impossible to predict the results in the others.

Eubiose is a foolproof method of self-realization. Learning to experience these three factors of the soul, the individual achieves his inner balance and will gradually approach that ideal state of fulfillment and happiness that has been pursued by the man through the ages.