"Evolution of the Conscience according to the Theosophy"


Zélia de Toledo Piza

The Stays of Dzyan, formulated in the origins of the civilization that inhabited the northwest of India, are registered in palm leaves treated against fire and water, so that they resisted with the passing of the centuries. They are written in Senzar, the secrete language of the primitive Followers initiated in the entire world.

Dzyan is a Sanskrit word and his meaning is: Divine wisdom.

The Stays of Dzyan and the book Siphra Dzeniouta, of the Hebraic tradition, based on the Stays of Dzyan, they are the oldest registrations of the world. Siphra Dzeniouta is a division of the Zohar, summary of Cabal.

In the comment XIV of the Stays of Dzyan, Helena Petrovna Blavatsky says the following: "The fellow creature produces the fellow creature and no more than that in the being's genesis; the evolution with their laws conditioned and limited they come later."

It wants to say that the beings of the first race, the called race Adâmica, are gods involved by the first veil:

                  The conscience is Atmica, that is,

                  upward, everything opened in

                  communication with the Universal Mind



 First veil - ethereal


The beings didn't have their own conscience, they were not individualized. They were driven by the called Divine Kings Rishis.

The planet regent was Uranus.


The beings of the second race, called Hyperborean, they are gods wrapped up for two veils:



  Ethereal, or vital, denser 

 Second veil - emotional


The conscience begins if dismembering. Then, upward, in the plans subtlest, Atmico and Budhico with little separation but, in communication are permanent.

They were driven by the Kings Shepherds, because they were collective conscience and they walked in flocks.

The focus of conscience was in the vital.

Their function was the one of absorbing Prana, in other words, the Life, arrival of the stars, of the planets and of the nature.

The planet regent was Jupiter.

The beings of the third race, called Lemuriana, they are gods wrapped up for three veils:


 Ethereal, denser, becoming physical in the middle of the 3rd race

 Emotional already vivified.

 Third veil - Mental Body     



Upward, in the plans subtlest, the conscience Atmica, Budhica and Manasica is in immanence with the cosmic mind.

They are enormous beings, but they approach the human constitution. They begin to be endowed with reason and sex.

The focus of the conscience passes of the emotional for the mental.

In the end of the race, they are beings highly intelligent and that they dominate the Universal Laws, inclusive the law of the gravity. They build great cities, monuments Cyclopes as the one of the Easter Island. All those accomplishments were impelled by the Divine Kings, that you/they lent them great psychic power. They obtained all that which they wanted.

The planet regent was Venus.

The fourth chain of the fourth System should be calm and in equilibrium if the process continued normal. The gods of the second throne should continue maintaining the Universal Life. As in the third race the mental was received, this should be vivified now by whom of right, the Donor of the Mental, the fifth Master, the Master of Venus, which should become the bijan of the Avatars and it should order, cyclically, pieces of himself to bring the Universal Laws, as well as to enlarge the reasoning power and of the being's in formation. Little by little, while the mental went being worked with the coordinates presented by Avatars, the man would organize his emotional life. It happens, however, that this process would take an infinite time and the man would not reach the value of conscience demanded by the cycle.

To accomplish in the time designated by the Law the demands of the fourth System, which is the one of transforming life energy in life conscience, the fifth Master comes down with his cohort, in the middle of the third race.

It is mixed with the men's daughters and he creates god-men.

This phenomenon is usually called as the "Rebellious Angel's Fall", but, actually, it was a heroic action. The Fifth Master it was immolated, he became a voluntary martyr. It was a gesture of universal love, because he leaves the paradise and he enters in the humanity's drama to help the evolution.

With the descent of the fifth Master, it breaks up the immanence with the Cosmic Mind. That which was immanent - Atmã, Budhi and Manas - it is internalized in the being as Superior Conscience.

The elements of the internal nature they polarize. In the emotion, the dissociation of the poles makes Egoidade to appear. In the sex, it appears the male and the female. In the mental, there appears the mental rational and, with him, the exercise of the Free Will.

From that moment on, everything continues processing in agreement with the established limits for the degree of the man's conscience.

It begins the man's great fight in the sense of addressing his mental and emotional life.

And, like this, he travels the fourth race and gatecrasher in the Fifth race that is where we were now.

As well as the mental separates, it is him that should join.

But how it would be that possible once the own gods of the mental are involved in the man's psychic plot?

The Eternal, then, appeals for the sixth Master, Master Akbel, that becomes Bijan of Avatars and, cyclically, is giving conscience to the human beings in whom the fifth Master had been infused.

As the language of the sixth Master is Budhica, inaccessible, then the fifth Mister it assumes the function of Manu and passes to translate the Laws at the level of the human intelligence.

While the fifth Master translates, decodes the messages of the sixth Master, he goes on absorbing the teachings and it goes on ascending and returning to the second Throne.

Exactly there, in the descent of the sixth Master, it begins the Work of the Eternal in the face of the earth that has 18 million years, still in Lemuria. The objective is to do the fifth Master and his cohort return to the lost paradise.

There exists speech of the sixth Master that is the maximum expression of the Universal Love: "I won't return to the skies before my Brother is completely redeemed."

The redemption of the fifth Master has already accomplished. It lacks now the human beings' redemption. When people balance the mind and the emotion, they will have reached the maximum objective of the cycle. They will have been transformed in a Creative Hierarchy.

Now, the victorious of the Aryan race, in this end of Kaly-Yuga, they should return, with conscience, to the primitive states: Manasico, after Budhico and after Atmico.

We will have accomplished the cosmic mission that fit to in the cosmic plan, we will have transformed the life energy in life conscience.

In agreement with the values that the beings go on reaching, the three Future Races will appear, that will work in Satya-Yuga and they will be classified like this:

                        Race Manasica - they will constitute the humanity;

                        Race Bimanica - they will be the instructors;

                        Race Atabimanica - they will be the cohort of God.




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