Zélia de Toledo Piza

 Everything in the universe is presented in a dynamic condition, everything changes, and everything transforms. The Chinese come to say: "That which does not change, doesn't exist.

We could say that evolution is the slow changes taking place in the universe, seeking an order predetermined by the archetypal plan drawn up by the cosmic mind, or the Supreme Architect of the Universe.

The man feels that he is not complete, full. Everyone carries within himself an inexplicable yearning, an indefinable anxiety. Down at the core of his being he is driven to look for something transcendent, something superior, a value imponderable that will give him the feeling of fullness.

Unfortunately, religions and philosophies have failed to bring satisfactory answers. The man then, inadvertently, tries to fill this yearning, seeking satisfaction from the emotional plan - seek pleasures or clings to external factors such as material possessions, prestige, power etc...

It so happens, however, that the elements able to meet this need are in the man himself. In proportion, as he goes on organizing the dynamics of his soul, he will walk with in his evolution.

According to teacher José Henrique de Souza, evolution is the "Transformation of life energy in life consciousness", that is, the transformation of ignorance into wisdom.

The life energy is precisely this stage that the opposite poles of the soul are unbalanced and our behavior is mostly driven by the demands of the emotion in his desire aspect.

In proportion as, through the Theosophy, we go on learning how to act in a balanced way, we increase the degree of consciousness, since the degree of consciousness follows exactly the amount of Universal Laws that we become aware and start to apply in our lives.

One of the goals of the Theosophy is to take the man to unravel the mechanism of his psycho-mental.

We are acting today in terms of the rational mind. Each attribute achieved by man has a limit of coverage within the range of possibilities of the universe. The vision sees only one band within the range of vibrations of light. The hearing only sees a band within the range of sound vibrations. The rational mind only covers a band of the potential of the Cosmic Mind. While the man goes on balancing their inner nature, he will reach refined potentialities; he goes on entering into the abstract mental, of the intuition and moves toward absolute consciousness. This absolute conscience is a particle of the own divinity that dwells within each one of us. It is the Christ within the Apostle Paul.

It means that by mastering the laws that govern their own lives, they go on leveling the way of acting and reacting to the demands of Universal Law, or they will go on juxtaposing the Microcosms - because the man is a true and extraordinary universe - the Macrocosm. This assertion is confirmed by the axiom of Hermes, the Trismegistus: "What is above is like to what is underneath to perform the unique cause.

The contact with the Universal Laws and the application of these laws in their lives, shortens the time that the men take to achieve the ultimate goal, shortens the time that separates him from his full nature or divine. This is why, while we evolve, we come to better grasp the idea of God, because we are gradually coming closer to their potentialities. The East has claimed: "Gods we were and we have been forgotten."

The evolution of the man is governed by the Law of Karma, or the Law of Cycles, which is discussed in the next article.