(Name given by the Greek Toth, lunar god of the Egyptians).

Zélia de Toledo Piza

1. Mentality                                5. Rhythm                  

 2. Correspondence                     6. Cause and effects  

3. Polarization                             7. Gender                  

4. Vibration                                                                     


We will try to notice the function of each one of them.

The possibility of the Universe appears is with Hermes' third Law - the one of the Polarity.  The Eternal, in his state of perfect balance, could not give appearance to the Universe. He is polarized, moment when it also begins acting the seventh Law, the one of the Gender. There appear Mercury and Venus, the Cosmic Parents. This Trinity, possessor of the Cosmic mind, elaborates the plan arquetipal through the first Law, the one of Mentality.

 The Universe is unchained through the sixth Law, the one of Cause and Effect, in other words, through the Law of Karma. In all of the moments of Cosmogênese, or better, of the Universal life, (see details on Cosmogênese and Karma in the book "The Man and the Universe") there exists a point that regulates, that makes the game among Cause and Effect, that establishes the Universal Law and that has two possibilities - spirit, linked to the Cause and matter, and linked to the Effect. That metabolism among the two poles is controlled by the first gods of the Universe, the seven Auto-Generated, known as the seven Angels of Presence. In the theosophy, this universal moment is known as Second Throne.

 The effect is structured through the second Law, the one of Correspondence - "That which is on top is as that which is below" - and it is regulated by the fourth Law, the one of the Vibration and for Third, the one of the Rhythm. The performance of those two Laws is that determines the characteristic of the game among the opposites, because they are them that regulate the pulses of Tattvas, name given to the several modalities of the cosmic energies.

The man's soul corresponds to the second throne because it is in the soul that the dynamics of each individual's interior life is processed. That dynamics involves a game among Will, Mind and Emotion. (This game is detailed in the book "The Man and the Universe")

As well as the first moment of the creation of the Universe is mental, when the Archetypes (look the baseboard) appear, likewise the first moment of the initiation, in other words, of the self-realization it is mental. It is the phase in that the disciple should know the Universal Laws, to adjust to them, trying to approximate more and more of the Universal Archetypes. While we go coming across those Laws, we should go losing our prejudices, our dogmas, and to go opening the mind for new information, to go developing wider concepts, never definitive, always subjects to new investigations. And, above all, we should apply in the life the Laws that we go on discovering.

How to apply?

Probing our conscience before all events of the life, so that we can choose the right solution for the experiences that we are living. They are many the opportunities that the life offers us in the conviviality with the fellow creatures, in the activities professional, social, politics etc.

 What addresses us in the life is our personality with all their positive and negative tendencies. For well to use the stock of his personality, the man should know, should learn how to use the Laws that govern the life in the world of the effects where we live.

In the current apprenticeship, the elements of the soul are in complete unbalance.  The objective of the life is of balancing the opposed poles of the soul. And that will only get through the transformation of the emotion, learning how to work with our internal scale - mind and emotion.

Our personality, besides suffering the influence of causes thrown in last lives, it goes, also, launching new pulses through our relationship with the facts and with the people.  The relationship with the people is the great initiation school of the terrestrial life. Without that relationship it would be easy to calm our nature. Though, it is in that exchange with the fellow creatures that we tested our interior state. All the conflicts are to bring up lessons, of which we needed to learn how to take advantage.

To address the events of our life we needed to discover how working with the three fundamental elements of the human soul - Will, Mind and Emotion, the ones which, as we already said, they accomplish the game of the soul. We still react emotionally before the events that surround us. We needed to enlarge the capacity of our reason, of our discernment, for us to be capable to react in an impartial and fair way.

One of the thermometers to measure our interior state is:

1. to verify as the ones that surround us are harmed, offended, as a consequence of our performance;

2. to verify how we feel harmed with the reactions of the ones that surround us;

When we get to relate without being reached and without reaching our fellow creatures, becoming so impartial that we are capable to act with justice, it is sign that it is having an emotional control, it is sign that the elements of the mind begin acting, taking us to discern the fair reaction for each one of the several situations. Only through the interior transformation resulting from the tremendous game of the life, we will get to jump over higher landings of our spiritual life.

Through the work of the soul, the personality reaches the contact with his Superior Conscience, with his spirit, which is a particle of the Divinity.

It is interesting to notice the following: there is a reversible movement in the evolution of the Macro and of the Microcosms. In the descent, the Cause is the plan arquetipal formulated by the Eternal and the Effect is the Universe, inclusive the man. In the ascent, of turn to the Eternal, the Cause of the ascension is the Mental Human, it is the strong Will, it is the transformation of the Emotion, and the looked Effect is the Spirit, it is the reintegration in God.

Archetypes: patterns elaborated by the Cosmic mind and that come to give the several structures of the Universe. They are an energy condensation that contains the pre-structure of the Universe. The behavior of the cells, for instance, it is framed in one of the types of Archetypes of the plan Arquetipal. Those Archetypes, for instance, are in the structure of our cells, determining the functions of the organs, such as liver, kidney, heart, etc. We can say that is the Conscience of God in the several details of the Universe.

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