Zélia de Toledo Piza       

Science studies the man considering their apparent: anatomical, physiological, and with much less security, the psycho-mental.

The Initiatory Wisdom of the ages, based on the Theosophy affirms, however, that the man has a constitution far more complex. In addition to this physical body, he has the vital, emotional, concrete mental, abstract mental, the body of intuition, and plus his higher consciousness.

The instruments of action in the physical world are the physical, vital, emotional and mental, classified as the lower quaternary. We only perceive the physical and do not perceive the others because they are in a more subtle vibration state.

The vital body, however, is now being brought to the light of science through the Bioenergetics. In 1939, two experts in electronics, the couple Russian Kirlian have created a new photographic process. They involved objects to be photographed in a very strong magnetic field, and then recorded by photography, a luminous wrapper around everybody photographed. The Kirlian realized at the outset that his photographs showed some form of energy closely related to life, by the following fact: the photographs of leaves freshly cut from plants showed bright and intense colors, while, as they were drying and dying, the colors would be fading, until they disappear completely.

The Acupuncture, Oriental Medicine millenarian, now widespread in the West, is based precisely on this reality. It states that involving the physical body, there is a vehicle in which circulates the universal energies, and there are points of concentration of those energies, points that are connected to the nervous system and therefore to the organs. The vision does not perceive them but there are devices that can measure the potential difference of the electrical current and that are sensitized when touching these points.

The efficiency of the treatment by acupuncture shows that it interferes in the flow of these energies, causing a balance and consequent disappearance of the symptom, or physical injury. For the Acupuncture, disease is the imbalance of those energies and health is a result of their equilibrium.

The emotional body is one that feels. The stimuli are not felt by the brain, but by this body that is connected to the physique also through the energy centers. The analgesics and anesthetics work exactly because these types of chemicals interrupt the passage of the stimulus through the vital network toward the emotional body.

Involving emotional vehicle, we have the mental vehicle that is characterized by reasoning, by doubt. The thought is not manufactured by the brain; the brain is an organ that enables the mental vehicle to be aware of the outside world through the senses. The interpretation of the stimuli received from the environment is given by the mental body, but the brain is just a bridge of connection.

The mind establishes an operation in conjunction with the emotion so that the quality of the thought changes the emotion and the quality of the emotion changes the thought. These alterations are captured by the vital and reverberate in the physical. It is for this reason that the Theosophy says that the diseases start in the mental and emotional and then reach the physical.

The independence of these emotional and mental bodies has been proven by countless people through an experience Yogi called "unfolding". People can cause a disconnection of these two bodies, losing, hence, this state of cerebral consciousness and they state that regardless of the brain, they continue still thinking and feeling normally.

This experience can be compared to the sleep state when the mental and the emotional disconnect themselves from the physical body and brain only that in sleep, the man does not perceive what happens, but here, in this experience, the man remains conscious. This "unfolding" exactly matches the phenomenon of death, when there is a permanent disconnection, when the physical deteriorates, the emotional and the mental undo but the awareness is still alive and will come back to earthly life through reincarnation.

It means, then, that over these four bodies denser hovers the higher consciousness of the man, and this awareness is closely related to the principle that gave birth to the universe.

This indefinable longing that every human being carries within him, is the pursuit of its transcendent part that is overshadowed by the imbalance of the four bodies denser. The Eubiose presents the means to bring men to reconnect to his higher consciousness, and this is the true sense of the word religion, which comes from Latin - "religare". When the man is organized internally, he acquires the full potentiality of his consciousness, which is a particle of the divinity itself.