The Man and his Conscience

ZÚlia de Toledo Piza

According to the Theosophy, the man is constituted by seven bodies, each one in a density state:




    mental rational,

    mental abstract,

    mental intuitive,

    Causal body.

The physical body has physical senses through which we can notice the physical world that surround us.

It is through the emotional body that we have the capacity to feel.

It is through the mental body, in their several tours, that we have the capacity to think, to ratiocinate, to sense and to move forward to the encounter of our Superior Conscience, linked to the Causal body and that actually, it is the Spirit in us, in other words, God in us.

How is it that the Conscience links to the physical man?

It is through the vital body, also known as Double-Etherealness that makes the connection between the physical and the other bodies, inclusive making possible the contact with our Superior Conscience. The vital body possesses a net reticular that involves it in the whole extension and, through that net it passes a cosmic energy, the Prana. It is that energy that maintains the life and, in the physical body, she is distributed by the nervous system. Energy already verified by the science and that circulates for the meridians described by the acupuncture. The Vital Net, in contact with the nervous system, is that transmits the emotional and mental messages to the respective bodies.

The integrity of that Vital Net depends on the form as the human being takes care of his physical body. For that reason, we should avoid the use of substances and the practice of habits to do badly to the health.

The anesthesia, the hypnotism and other practices provoke a quick displacement of the Vital Net that, starting to not to coincide with the dense physique, it impedes the passage of the vibrations for the superior bodies. The Vital Net is unable of transporting the physique's messages for the subtlest bodies. While the displacement stays, we won't feel the pains, because the one that feels is not the brain, but it is the emotional body. As soon as it passes the anesthetic's effect, the Net Vital turn to put upon to the physical body and we had normal sensibility again.

The use of drugs in any amount and the use of drunk alcoholic in excess, not only they make the displacement of the Vital Net of the Double-Etherealness, as well as they provoke the breaking of the same, what is much more harmful, because it impedes that the energy of Prana, that is Life, flow freely on the physique. That breaking impedes that the physical's messages are sent for the emotional and the mental, doing with that the man lose the control of their reactions.

The breaking of the Vital Net does with that the person is subject to the influences of the astral underworld, becoming objective and object of use of those negative energies. Under the influence of those energies, the person can lose the self-control of the body and to become capable to take incoherent attitudes in relation to his way of thinking and to act as, for instance, she can want to destroy objects, to become aggressive, to be capable to fight, of killing and to be killed, without having conscience of the actions that is practicing.

Beyond of those undesirable results, the physical health is totally prejudiced, because as we saw, the health depends on the good operation of the Vital Net.

As the attitudes that we take in the life and the cares that we have with our bodies, will approach or we will go away of our Superior Conscience, and the objective of the terrestrial life is to wake up, in us, our internal God.


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