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Several lines of the current psychology are getting to deepen inside of the human psyche - the Autogenous Training, the Analysis Transactional, the Psycho-cybernetics and others.

    To know himself, the man needs to identify the components of his soul, those elements that make the dynamic game that results in the human behavior.

  The Eubiose, in agreement with the Theosophy, presents an outline extremely objective and functional, which takes in consideration the components mentioned by the psychology: cognitive factors, sensitive factors, factors volitives, in other words, mind, emotion and will.

    These three are the subjective elements with which we count to react before the incentives of the environment.

    To understand the dynamics of these three elements, we need to take conscience that they are polarized values.

    As for the will, for instance, it is easy to notice that she acts in several levels. We have great will to act in the sense of enjoying an immediate pleasure and we have a will well weaker for actions that demand effort, without immediate emotional compensation.

    The mental, by his turn, is also polarized, and the fundamental characteristic of the mental rational is the doubt. The man is always in the presence of a choice position, always before a dilemma and, even, of a conflict. He needs, at every moment, to make a decision.

    And it is exactly this way of being of the mental that makes possible the exercise of the Free Will - gift foreseen by all of the religions. Free Will is the right that the man has to choose one, among the possibilities that come in his road.

    As for the polarity of the emotion, we know how to bring inside of us pulses altruistic, humanitarian and, in compensation, pulses personals, egoistic.

    Those elements - mind, emotion and will - they react in chain, in an all particular dynamics and, to develop the capacity to control that internal game, is constituted in one of the bases of the personal evolution.

    The man, in the current apprenticeship of his development, is moved to the action impelled by his emotion. For that reason, he should try to develop his capacity of discernment, that is a mental attribute and, before the situations, he should judge on which choice to do. After discerning which would be the best road, put you in action sustained by the Will. The Will is exactly the exteriorization of the principle superior, transcendental, that is part of the human constitution.

    As resulting from this process, the man starts to act in agreement with his degree of conscience, in other words, in agreement with the largest successful possibility that the individual brings inside of himself. This to act in agreement with the degree of conscience is that results in the state of interior welfare, of peace and of happiness that the man passes the life trying to find out of himself.

    This is, in an extremely brief way, the formula for a balanced and fair behavior.

    Naturally, countless details exist difficult of being transmitted in a small article.

    In short, each individual should have the concern of acting in a fair and honest way and, for that, he needs to acquire the capacity to have absolute domain on their actions.

    When knowing himself, the man ends for unmasking the mysteries of the Universe, because, according to the Oriental philosophy, the man is the Microcosms and it is governed by the same laws that govern the Macrocosms.


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