"The man's interior power"

ZÚlia de Toledo Piza

Several psychologists, whose function is to take care of the human soul, they have been affirming that the man brings, inside of himself, an innate pulse for the self-realization. For instance:

The Logo philosophy, linked to Viktor Emil Frankle, the creator of Logo therapy, says the following: The whole alive being is continuous source of movements for his self-realization.

Rogers, which developed the "Therapy Centered in the Client", centered in the person, he affirms: "Every being is born with a pulse for the growth. There exists a pulse that is evident in all human life and organic, that is to expand, to extend, and to become autonomous."

Abraham Maslow says: "One of the human being's most fundamental needs is the one of self-realization. It is the desire to become that which the person is capable of being, to maximize his potential."

Roberto Assagioli, creator of Psycho synthesis, says: "The growth is a constant pulse in all the people."

According to affirmative of David Bohm: "We are made as an hologram, where the parts can reproduce the whole."

Then, what is a hologram? It was an experience accomplished by Dennis Gabor in l.948. He created a plate with several registrations. Then, he covered the plate, leaving a window to see a piece of the plate. When illuminating that piece of the plate with laser, she reproduced the whole plate this to reproduce the whole plate, is a hologram. Anywhere that the window was put, when illuminated with laser, the piece of the plate reproduced the whole.

Just as those pieces of the plate, that reproduced the whole, we are a piece of the universe and we can reproduce the whole. The man, actually, is done to the image and similarity of the Creator. The divine force that created the Universe is present in everything, inclusive in each human being's heart.

With this conception of having all inside, we can believe that we will go reaching more and more higher levels of conscience and we can believe that it is possible to reach a high spirituality degree because everything is inside of us. If we make an effort, addressing our interior life, we will go always progressing.

Several psychologists have been working with the man's internal possibilities.

Yung, the first to put in the psychology the mystic traditions of the East and the spiritual dimensions, describes the phenomenon of the Individuation when the person, in a concentration state, of inner nature, in a meditation attitude, gets to penetrate so deeply in his interior that comes across that which Yung called Self, that would be the center of the human personality.

Through the study of those people that reached the state of interior deepness, Yung contributed a lot for the appearance of the Psychology Transpersonal that exactly studies the altered states of the conscience.

Stanislav Grof, that gave the name to the Psychology Transpersonal and lifted their principles, began their experiences using psychedelic products and drugs psycho actives that provoked the state of interior deepness. Then, he started to do the experiences with breathing holotropic and soft music and the people enter equally in the state of interior deepness and they continued developing extrasensory experiences.

With that entire internal outline we can address our mental one through the psychological technique of the autosuggestion.

Not to allow depressive states. To repeat certain refrain's constructive whenever the mental is vacated. For instance:

I am satisfied, I am happy, I have perfect health.

I feel calm, tranquil, safe and happy.

This helps to maintain an astral one positive. To do the autosuggestion whenever you are unoccupied and, when possible, to do the autosuggestion in a state of relaxation and concentration, because it still reaches larger penetration in our interior.

We can propose any aim that we want to reach, as, for instance, suggestion to win the fear or to win the insecurity. The suggestion has to be always positive. Never use negative terms in the sentence such an as "no, never." For the fear, we can say, for instance, suggestions of courage. For the insecurity, we can say, for instance, I perfectly feel safe; I do have absolute trust in me.

Let us say somebody who is in the phase of the study, she can say: I like to study, I am great student. To feel and to visualize the reality of which we are saying. To believe that is true. This goes on creating an internal condition. Because nowadays it is scientifically proven that the unconscious accepts whatever is put by the conscious and, besides, it begins working to help the conscious to accomplish what he wants. That is why the depressive people always go sinking more. Because they are putting continually negative messages and the unconscious it catches. To come out of that, do the opposite - optimism and constructive thoughts.

The more we study the human person, more we convince ourselves that our internal potential is infinite, and we can take advantage of that, to do of this apprenticeship here in the terrestrial life, because this is an apprenticeship, to do of this a time more profitable and happier.




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