Zélia de Toledo Piza

There exists in the Universe an energy called Prana.

Prana is the primordial energy that flows permanently and vivifies everything that exists.

It is the same cosmic Prana that goes on differentiating throughout the building of the Universe and comes to vivify our vital body, also known as double ethereal.

This energy, already differentiated, comes to bathe ours chakras, centers of energy very well known of the acupuncture. In turn, the nervous system possess plexus, that is, sets of ganglia throughout the vertebral column, ganglia these that are connected to the chakras and from where depart nervous filaments for the parts of the body.

It is this energy of Prana that comes to be the nervous electricity today so well known by the science and measured in the electrodes. Today, the medicine knows that the communication between the brain and the organs, through the nerves, is an electric communication. At every moment the organs are ordering a certain electric chain to the brain. When it has an injury, this electric potential increases and it transforms into pain sensation.

 To facilitate the transit of the energies in the nervous system, it has necessity of a muscular relaxation, because the tension congests the traffic. The relaxation obeys a Universal Law - the Law of the Cycles. Knowing this truth, it is transferred to understand why the Yoga demands relaxation and why science has many boarding on the necessity of the relaxation. It happens that we are always tense. Even to think about we become tense. The reasons are innumerable - concerns, subsistence, traumas, complexes, running, inadequate mechanisms of reaction etc. It is proven that the tensions look for to hinder the circulation of psychic messages that, for a reason or another one, we do not want that they circulate.

All the normal activity demands a certain tension, that is necessary, but we present an alarming amount of unnecessary tensions. Wilhelm Reich studied deeply this subject and concluded that there exists a clear relation between muscular tension and states of the soul. Hardly can I control this metabolism of direct and conscientious form. The only form to intervene with this process is by the relaxation, the Yoga and the auto suggestion.  

 These subjects at great length are developed in the book "Personal Equilibrium", of my authorship, being that in it I present processes for the auto-balance.

Using these resources, I interrupt the tensional process, the psychic impulses pass to circulate and it becomes easier to take conscience of them and to direct them in intelligent way.

Palmer Hall says that one of the causes of the illnesses is an unhealthy mental attitude: melancholy morbid, emotions, extreme feelings such as passions, luxury, covet and rancor. They would affect the double ethereal, body by where circulates Prana, and would go to reach the physical body where they would result in ulcers, tumors, cancers, fevers and many other injuries.

Allowing that the energy of Prana circulates freely in our organism, we will prevent innumerable problems of health and will be balanced and happy.

In the book "the Man and the Universe", of my authorship, exist a boarding well deeper on Prana.