"Which is the reason of the suffering?"

 ZÚlia de Toledo Piza

        In this phase of our existence, the suffering is necessary for the human being's evolution. When we understand well the mechanism of the suffering, we will start to face in way completely new the drawbacks of the Life.fe.

To react to the atmosphere, the man counts with three internal elements - emotion, mind and will. To walk in his evolution, he goes on being impelled by the suffering, only language that the Nature found to communicate with us.

As we saw in the previous article, let us say that I appeared without any previous experience and beat, with force, in a solid object, in a table, for instance. My emotion would register an unpleasant sensation that I, naturally, will want to change. To change, I need to do my mental one to work and to stimulate my reason, my discernment. I am going to analyze the situation and I will seek a form of walking without beating in the table.

This analysis results in knowledge. Any action, right or wrong, gives knowledge. It happens that only the knowledge is not enough. It is necessary that it transforms in an experience so that I can take advantage and not to repeat the undesirable action for the second time.

Through those small experiences, the man goes on acquiring conscience of the Laws that govern the life.

Which is the objective of the Nature? She puts difficulties, not to see the man suffer, but to incite him to the discovery of Laws. The humanity develops unconsciously trying to remove things that disturb and looking for new forms, more cozy and comfortable.

The action of beating in the table is something unpleasant; therefore, it is a suffering. The table can be substituted by any suffering of the real life - employment that didn't give right, personal disease or in the family, an affectionate problem, the loss of a dear being etc., as well as for psychological reactions, of our internal forum.

If when avoiding the beat in the table, I discovered Laws - a solid body cannot be crossed by other - we calculate the result of the resolution, as well as of the understanding, of complex problems of the real life, inclusive of the psychic problems. When solving, or when understanding, any problem, is of what nature is, I discover Laws. When discovering Laws, I increase my degree of conscience and, through the experiences, I prepare my unconscious to avoid more and more the road of the suffering.

Now, it happens that everything has two faces. Let us suppose that to beat in the table provoked a pleasant sensation. I would be satisfied and my mental one would be stopped. There would not be movement in none of my internal factors. There would be the appearance of a vicious circle that would move the mechanism of the conditioned reflex - action that provokes pleasure and pleasure that takes me to repeat the action. This leads to the automatism of the human behavior that, without the discernment, is one of the roads for the addiction.

Without movement of the elements of the soul - emotion, mind, will - there is no evolution.

Then, we start to understand the need of the suffering. It is to force the mental to work and to discover Laws.

The suffering is incentives that rake us to correct the direction of our pulses, in the sense of walking inside of the evolution.

Before any pain, before any emotional reaction, we should stop and try to see the cause that is inside of us.

The efforts for the self-realization, as well as the practice of the internalization, take the man to discover the Laws of the Life without the need of the pain, of the suffering.

They take the man to discover the right and just road before "beating in the table." 


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