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We will see an interesting aspect of the cosmic game.

The superior part of the cosmoses, constituted by the 22 larger secrets, doesn't want to see the man suffer. She advises patiently. She puts the man in experiences to wake up their internal values. God is in fact good.

If the man hears the voice of his conscience and, with the aid of the Will, starts to act in agreement with the Law, he goes on balancing and he finds Peace.

But if God were just good, be would not be just.

For this reason, if the man doesn't hear the voice of the conscience, there enters in function the negative aspect of the cosmoses known as devil, although devil in the popular concept doesn't exist; the one that exists is a cosmic principle that looks for to take the processes to the balance. That force begins shuffling the values of the human soul, constituted by the 56 smaller secrets. Naturally everything is made inside of the strictest justice, because it is action of the Law.

The unbalance of the smaller secrets is the one that exteriorize in psycho-mental unbalance, making the phenomenon of the pain to appear. That happens because the smaller secrets are related to the chakras and to the nervous system.

The state of interior peace or of suffering is the only communication language between the superior conscience and the plan of the physical conscience.

The suffering is the mechanism that takes the man to the discovery of Laws and, therefore, of the road of the ascent. He forces the movement of the two plates of the internal scale, formed by the opposites. We go, through a very banal example, that doesn't involve emotional complexities, to notice the need of the suffering. The understanding of that mechanism takes us to face in a way completely new the drawbacks of the life.

Let us say that I appeared of the anything, without any previous experience, and I walked towards a table. If I walked fast, I would beat in her and I would pick a sensation that my emotional aspect would register as unpleasant. As the effect of beating is unpleasant, I want to modify it, I don't want to repeat it and, for that, I need to put in operation other element of my interior nature, in other words, my reason. I need to analyze my action to see how I can avoid that unpleasant sensation. That analysis results in knowledge because, naturally, I will find a middle of outlining the table.

It means that all the action gives knowledge, but only the knowledge is not enough. I need to transform that knowledge in an experience and I can only do that using my reasoning, so that in a second time that I will pass by the same experience, I make it in a more profitable way.

It is through these small experiences that the man is going on acquiring conscience. The action of beating in the table was unpleasant; therefore, it was a suffering. The table of this example can be substituted by any unpleasant event of our life - it can be a lost job, a disease, an affectionate problem etc.

Then, this suffering of beating in the table forced me to think, to meditate. With the reflection I discovered a middle of outlining the table, discovery that involves a series of laws. A solid body cannot cross another. To arrive to the opposite side of a solid body it is necessary to outline it. It means that I discovered laws, principles that avoid my suffering.

If analyzing such a simple example we see clearly that we discovered laws, calculate the number of laws that we will be discovering when we solve the complex problems of our life.

Discovering laws, we increase our degree of conscience; increasing our degree of conscience we go on reducing our Karma, because we are little by little, becoming in our own Karma, that is, in the own Law; we go on acquiring, through the suffering, an equivalent value to the on of the world of the Laws.

Then, if we start reacting in way thoughtless, precipitate, before the sufferings of the life, taking revolt attitudes, of revenge to the own life, of lamentations, we didn't remove any of the experiences advantage. We only complicate.

Before any problem, to make a mental process, to delimit the reality, to discover Laws that govern the life and to act in agreement with the exigencies of our conscience, it costs what to cost.

They are words of H.P.B.: "Don't complain, because what seems suffering is, frequently, in reality, the mysterious effort of the Nature to help you in your task. That which you need is to learn how to handle it well."

The physical pain is also alert - the physique is the last stage of the psycho-mental pain. Even the pain physique karmic had origin in a psycho-mental process, in an unbalance of the smaller secrets.

Now, let us suppose that the action of beating in the table was substituted by a pleasant emotion; my emotion would be fully satisfied, and I would never cogitate of applying my mental one. There it would be established the vicious circle of the reflex conditioned that is what moves ninety per cent of the human actions. The man being satisfied, his mental one would be in rest, there would not be movement of these interior values and there would not be evolution. Then we can perfectly understand why the man needs to suffer. To force his intelligence to function and to discover Laws, Laws that avoid his suffering, laws that increases his welfare and comfort. Those laws go on increasing, by his turn, your degree of conscience, which is the objective of the evolution.

Then, the purpose of the initiation is to do that the disciple discovers all those laws through the study and through the meditation without having to be impelled by the pain. He should discover, before beating in the table, the laws that would take him to the other side of the table without the factor suffering.

It happens, however, that, while we go on discovering those Laws, we need, with the use of this superior force that is called Willpower, to go applying those same Laws, and otherwise, we will assume Karma. It is the sword of two edges, it is the thread of the razor mentioned by Helena Petrovna Blavatsky in her Doctrine Secret.

While the man is balancing, he goes on feeling the Universal Unit and a brother hood to each part of the whole, be a stone, a flower, an animal and, above all, a fellow creature. Everything is part of us.

The adeptness is gotten by the purification of the feelings, by the simplification of the interior nature. Jesus said: "Truly I tell you that, if you don't convert yourself and you don't act as boys, by no means you will enter in the kingdom of the skies." S. Matheus l8.



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