Fritjof Capra

"Taking of the arch, the Integral Man's great weapon, in him we should put a sharp arrow by the meditation. Distending it with the thought turned to the essence of the Eternal, penetrate the Imperishable as target."


Helena Petrovna Blavatsky, in the Secret Doctrine

"The mistake runs by the sloping plan while the Truth has laboriously to crawl by the ascent."


Zélia de Toledo Piza

The Will acts a lot in function of the emotion. We have strong Will for the actions that bring immediate pleasure and Will weaker for actions that don't bring immediate compensations, even if there are compensations at the distance."


          Prayer of San Francisco

Master, make me instrument of your peace.

Where has hate, that I take the love,

Where has offense, that I take the pardon,

Where has discord, that I take the union,

Where has doubt, that I take the faith,

Where has mistake, that I take the truth,

Where has despair, that I take the hope,

Where has sadness, that I take happiness,

Where has darkness, that I take the light.

Oh Master, do that I seek plus, to console that to be consoled,

to understand, than to be understood, to love, than to be loved, because

it is giving that we receive, it is forgiving that we are forgiven

and it is dying With You in the heart that we live for the eternal life.


William James

"Our normal conscience, of the vigil state - the rational conscience, as we denominate her - it just constitutes a special type of conscience, while, around her, and from her moved away by an extremely tenuous film, there are potential forms of conscience entirely diverse."


Carl Schurz

"The ideals are as the stars; they are out of our reach, however, in the same way that the navigator is guided by the stars, we should guide ourselves by the proposed ideals in order to reach, fully, the goal of our destiny."


Zélia de Toledo Piza

"If I see and I accept my flaws, I face and I transform. If I recognize that I am selfish, I will seek that point of justice among the two values; point this variable for each individual. From there the impossibility of judging the actions of our fellow creatures".


Alcoran, Sutra III

"Oh you Master that makes the Day enter in the Night and the Night in the Day. Oh you, Master, that make the Death to enter in the Life and the Life in the Death. To You more precious is the paint of the wise person than the blood of the martyr."



"If you suffer injustices, console yourself, because the true misfortune is to commit them."



"Every day of our life should be a new peace treaty among the creature that passes and the universe that stays."