Zélia de Toledo Piza       

The teacher José Henrique de Souza defined the Eubiose as "Science of Life," and added: "As such, it is the one that teaches the means to live in harmony with the Laws from the Nature and, consequently, with the Universal Laws, of which the first is derived.

If Eubiose is science, it must present the laws that govern the life. These Universal Laws are included in the theosophy, that ancient knowledge of the East, also known as the Wisdom Initiation of the Ages.

Let's start weaving some comments on the Law of Polarity because she explains the fact of our internal nature to play between two poles, as we saw in the last article.

Theosophy says that the universe comes from one unit, pre-existing principle, impossible to be comprehended by human mind at the present stage of development and that will only be embraced as the man reaches the next stages of completion. When we deal with the Law of Evolution, we shall clarify this point.

Well, this Primordial Principle, in the state of perfect balance, of absolute stability, could not structure the universe. It was necessary that this principle were fragmented, polarized, so that through the game of attraction and repulsion between two poles, it became possible the emergence of the matter, which is nothing more than energy poles that attract and repel. Life is expressed through the movement or vibration, present everywhere, in various forms - such as sound, light, heat, magnetism, chemical affinity, electricity etc.. The Chinese philosophy explains as follows: "The whole phenomenon is produced by the interaction between two main principles -" Yang ", radiant, diffuse and" Yin ", absorber, condenser. And Emanuel Swedenborg (1688 to 1772), Swedish scientist and philosopher, already in 1700, said: "The most essential law of the Nature is the Vibration. A point neutral, a point still is absolutely impossible within our system. The subtle movements, which we call vibrations or waves, the most vigorous, that we call orbits; as well as historical epochs that we know as cycles, all represent wave motion, cyclical, of wave in the air, in the ether, in the water and in the earth. It appears as nebulae, thoughts, emotions and everything else that you can imagine. "

These two poles, that gave rise to the universe, are reflected in everything in the nature. Each principle carries within itself, implicitly, its own contradiction. The day provides for the night, life implies death; the proton is opposed to the electron, etc... It is this same cosmic polarity that has been reflected in the values of the human soul. One of the references of the mind is the opposite - we know what is sweet, because we know what is bitter, we know what is cool, because we know what's hot.

This polarity of the human soul is not merely an esoteric subject; it is studied within the formal philosophy, under the heading of dialectic, which examines the contradiction of the ideas, and in the chapter of axiology, that studies the polarity of the emotional and moral values, stating that they always unfold in a positive and a negative aspect.

The primary goal of Eubiose is to take the man to become able to handle this game polar of the soul. In conducting this dynamic wisely, the man walks into the Evolution, which is another Universal Law and to be treated in the next article.