"The woman's function in the social life and family"

 Zélia de Toledo Piza

Impossible analyze the function of the woman without, in parallel, analyzing the role of the man. Both form a polarity dialectics and the ideal condition among those two poles is not the one of competitiveness, but the one of complementation.

For the cosmogenese, presented by the Theosophy, it is known that the Unit becomes separated in masculine aspect and feminine aspect to give appearance to the material Universe. But each aspect brings the germ of his opposite, because Brahma, in other words, God is everything. The functions, along the cosmogenese, vary because of the predominance of one of the poles and of the objective of the cycle.


Let us see the functions in the Cosmoses:

Father - the Cause - he has function Yang.

It is the generator; it throws the Cause foreseeing the effect.

It is the ideation, he has the plan arquetipal.

Mother - the Law - she has function Yin.

She manipulates the Laws to materialize the ideation. The Law looks for to neutralize the opposition generated by the Father.  The Father, as Cause, unbalances.

The Mother, through the Laws, gestate the Universe in her immense uterus, inside of which, it goes on being built, the Son, in other words, the Universe, in harmony with the causes that pass by her. She rocks the Universe attempts always to his development and their failures.

As the human being is the objective of the Creation, expresses her love through the Karma, distributing the effects with justice, ordering Divine Beings, like a Christ, for instance, that are pieces of Herself to show the road of the evolution for us.

This is the cosmic operation that is reflected in the human being, characterizing the man and the woman. As we said, the Mother's germ is in the Father and the Father's germ is in the Mother. This is evident in the studies that Jung did of the human soul. The woman brings the animus, the personification of the masculine nature in the woman's unconscious, and the man brings her anima, the personification of the feminine nature in the man's unconscious. They should complement and they should balance.

In capacity they are quite equal. Both dominate the Universal Laws, but in function?

In the book "Iluminados", page 34, Rama emphasizes that difference. He has the vision of a divine being's with white garments that gives him a beam and a cup with the following order:

Give the beam to the man, that is explorer;

Give the cup to the woman that is love.

The differences are clear - physics, organic, somatic. In the mental structure, the man is rational, the woman is more intuitive. In the emotional structure, the woman is more emotional.

The two bring all the potentials. It is just an amount subject for the need of the correspondent's functions, just as it is discriminated below:


Enterprising and the woman should accept.

When throwing the causes, he should have objective, to have a plan.

He is author of the ideation, but he should be wise.

It should be participant of the process.


Intuitive and the man should hear.

She rocks, she protects, but she should have wisdom.

She expresses with love, sweetness, sensibility.

She should try to balance, to soften - this is the function of the feminine aspect of the Law when it objectives the Cause.

She should accompany the processes, inclusive the one of the coexistence.


Seeing the direction of the plan, she should notice which the pulses that should be thrown to balance the process.

There should have narrows communication between both.

In which they are both moved away of the cosmic function?


He exceeded of the power,

He is excessively dominant.

The sexism is motivated by the education.

He is, on average, little participant, little integrated, to see what is necessary for the course of the processes.

The Father is boss, but his role is indefinite. It is, in most of the cases, an absent supplier.

He doesn't have defined plans for the home - only for the professional life.


The woman had a great handicap inside of the social evolution. Several prominent figures, along the history, have been considering the woman inferior. For instance:

Darwin - "The women are intellectually inferior to the men."

Gustavo Lê Bom - He considered the women as the forms more inferior of the human evolution.

Voltaire has pronounced several times despising the woman.

That form of disrespecting the woman comes processing through the times:

Among some Bedouins, Arabs of the desert, when a new baby is born, somebody has the incumbency of go announce to the father. If boy, it is greeted with a word that means "good new". The father gives a present to the announcer and he sacrifices a sheep. But if it is a girl, the greeting word is not pronounced, it doesn't give the reward and nor the party.

At mealtimes, first they eat the oldest men, then, the newest men and the boys, and, finally, the women and the girls.

In India, a lot of children female are abandoned. The women are considered as financial load, because, to marry them, money costs, in other words, it is necessary to give the gift.

In Lebanon, they distribute candy when a boy is born.

- The ONU, Organization of the United Nations, made a study in Africa and it verified that the women work more. The women works in the fields, on average 2.600 hours a year, while the man, l.800 hours. This gives 8 hours a day for the woman besides the service of the house, pregnancy, breast-feeding, while the man only works 5 hours.

Last century, in wealthier countries, the woman's education was limited and she could not vote for. It is enough to say that, only in the council of Trento, in 1.772, soul was given to Our Lady.

For these reasons, the feminist movement appears. Today, the woman meets in an impasse, with difficulty of choosing - career or home. They try the two things.

They are words of the Dr. Hans Selye: "The more the women assume works that before were done by men, so much more they are subject to the called men's evils - infarcts, peptic ulcers and hypertension. They get the same satisfactions, but at the cost of a high price."

The woman that works and has the responsibilities of the family is less free today than 60 years ago. The woman didn't know how to dose their feminist claims. That problem of the feminism should be analyzed in depth.

In the current condition, the woman takes two risks:

1. To abandon the home and the children while small, and nobody in the world would be capable to play her part of Mother. The economical demands of the life force the woman to work out of house, but the ideal would be that, having children, she could accomplish the Maternity, in integral time, for the period that the child's maturity demand. After that, I understand that the woman can assume again with success positions in the social areas, politics, cultural, economical etc.

2. In such a way to let to be absorbed by the domestic and professional activities that she ends to forget or to relegate their fundamental functions as wife inside of the home. The whole woman should have inside of herself a little of: Aphrodite = Goddess of the Love and Demeter = Goddess of the Maternity, of the fertility. If she is alone Demeter, as it tends to happen, a lot because of feminine represses, the condition of the home enters in unbalance. If she is nor Aphrodite, nor Demeter for the fatigue of the routines, the situation is still more unsustainable. The ideal is the balance among both.

It happens that, as much the woman as the man they are moved away from their true function. To correct, there would be need of united meetings, in order to explain countless specific points that are stones in the shoe of the coexistence.

The woman needs to wake up, but the man also. The woman will never do alone, without the man, in parallel, making his effort. It is a work for two. Each one should accept and to assume their functions, being accepted reciprocally.

Summarizing: There is potential equality, but the functions are different.

Brahma, in other words, God, is everything, but each one with different function.

There exists an esoteric detail: in the formation of the Universe, the masculine aspect, the aspect Yang, led the process. Now, in the turn of the Universe to their origins, to the reunion of the Primordial Principals, who should lead is the woman, the aspect Yin, because we will be crossing the mental rational and entering in the field of the intuition, of the Universal Love, and it is the woman that brings with predominance that potential.

It is not without reason that National Council of Defense of the Woman's Rights was constituted, because she should have preponderant role in the restructuring of the civilizations.

Plus than never, the woman should be support for the transformations that should operate and that are of vital need for the beginning of the Society that is appearing, leading off a new era.

The woman, by now, got to conquer their claims. In a general way, except for prejudices still existent here and there, the equality social, economical, politics between man and woman is a reality.

But the woman continues unsatisfied. We can see that clearly in the magazines that treat of the woman's sentimental problems. Why that dissatisfaction? Because all those claims are external factors that, by itself, they will never bring the happiness interior, because the woman's role is not of being perfectly equal to the man, but it is of finding her balance point.

So much for the woman as for the man the happiness consists of knowing to drive the factors of the soul that are - Will, Mind and Emotion. When we learned how to manipulate those elements of the soul, and we got an internalization that approximates us of our Superior part, we will begin, then, to participate in the Universal life.



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