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ZÚlia de Toledo Piza

 The true Work is the accomplishment of God in me.

I get that through the balance of the two Universal poles that interact in my soul - in the mental and in the emotional. As the cycle is dynamic, I have to work the mind and the heart in an active and living deeply the experiences. (The game of the human soul is detailed in the book "The Man and the Universe").

While the man goes on getting to accomplish God inside of himself, he goes on acquiring better possibilities to help other human beings to find their roads, because the individual goes on turning wiser and fairer.

As, to help the other ones, there is need to know the language common to our time, the person needs to know the principles reached by the science and, on them, to put the imponderable part that was left by the great disclosers of the Truth. Doing that way, the men start ascending without noticing. If the esoteric doctrines were just presented in her mystic aspect, there could have shocks of opinions and rejection for lack of understanding.

Each individual can only receive that for which he has interior structure to support. If the new data don't support in something that the individual already brings inside of him, those data stay on the outside, they don't incorporate - they generate mental amateurism or fanaticism.

This is the great difficulty of the initiation. The vases are not properly prepared to support the load of the Universal Laws.

It is necessary to prepare the vase by the balance of the mind and of the emotion, in a work serious, slow and progressive, so that we reaches the goal of a homogeneous group, acting for a same end - transformation of the life energy in life conscience, whose basic point is the renouncement to the ego. This will take us, one day, to have conscience of the God that is inside of ourselves.

A harmonic group can provoke a magic phenomenon, launching pulses in the several plans, pulses that will be captured by the kindred beings and the humanity's transformation will go on being operated, as by enchantment.

That work cannot be made by the gods, because the transformation of the life energy in life conscience will only be able to be accomplished through the free will - discernment of the right and of the wrong - and of the practice of the right by the use of the Will.

I don't see other possibility of performance in the world of today - Kaly Yuga or Black Age - except through the placement of principles in the world of the ideas. It is a problem of game of forces. In Kaly Yuga the negative egregore is very big (Egregore - group of harmonic vibrations); there is need that it is counterbalanced by the positive. It cannot have ostensible performance because we will be oil drops inside of a gear totally rusty. Any enterprise would die when being born, because the machine is gotten jammed.

But it is not also to cross the arms. The work should be made by small groups, wherever be acting, so that the mentality is changed and, consequently, the vibrations that form the positive egregore.

I believe, however, that to throw the seed of the new cycle, the heralds should be very well prepared; preparation that should include not only a real interior transformation, but also an extensive scientific knowledge that is the language of the civilization of the century XXI.