It is, for me, I motivate of great satisfaction and a lot of pride the opportunity to preface the book of Professor Zélia from Toledo Piza, entitled "Personal Equilibrium."

Our cultural exchange comes from long date.

There are approximately twenty years, Professor Zélia frequented one of my groups of Analysis Transactional, as well as my courses of Solemnity-hypnosis (Modified Autogenous Training), basic and superior. More recently, it participated in my course of Neuro-linguistic, this, without speaking of the time previous to the courses, in that she was psychoanalyzed for me, when I still used the psychoanalysis as therapeutic weapon.

Several family their they integrated my groups of A.T. and they participated in marathons of emotions and of other groups of personal growth.

I was also invited to render psychological service to students' parents that were enrolled at the infantile school "Kingdom of the Child" of the which Professor Zélia was managing and landlady.

I had the opportunity to give therapeutic attendance to dozens of students that frequented the Society of Self-realization where Professor Zélia was instructor and that were directed me when she noticed that the same ones lacked a specialized attendance.

For the fact of me to be a specialist of philosophical doctrines and spiritualistic Oriental and to accompany the development of the Parapsychology, there was always, among Zélia and me, a great likeness of existential posture and ways to think, concerning the great and wonderful mysteries us which the human being struggles in search of larger understanding.

The studies that I accomplished of great and powerful mediums that, besides, they were studied and admired by NASA USES us, they were also to stratify and to consolidate, more and more, my unshaken faith that the human being is something much more complex and amazing than the official medicine is considering, and that the same is losing an incommensurable opportunity for ignoring the man's spiritual dimension completely.

The fifteen uninterrupted years of two hours of daily (Program of Sidhes of the Transcendental Meditation) meditation contributed to me to have an including vision of the realities of the human existence.

They are exactly my experiences that make to value me still more Zélia's excellent work that, leaving of considerations anatomical, physiologic and historical of the human to exist, in the health and in the psychosomatic and psychological disturbances, he didn't stop describing and emphasizing the importance of the Meditation as instrumental of help for the solution of our conflicts. This vision Holistic is configured in the modern Psychology Trans-personal, that considers, besides the components physical, emotional and mental, the human being's spiritual component.

In a style clear, pleasant and fluent, Professor Zélia gives us a competent summary of the Psychology of the A.T. and of this indescribable and wonderful dive in our BEING'S most hidden bowels, proportionate for the Meditation. I noticed with great happiness, that the seeds that I helped to plant flourished in fertile soil.

Thank you, Zélia.

                                          Dr. Geraldo of Paula Barros.
                                               psychiatric doctor.


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