The objective of this book is, firstly, to show how our internal nature structures and how, along of this road, there exist countless influences that take us to the interior state of unbalance. This covers the chapters I to IV of the first part of the book.

Knowing all those data, it is easier to understand the mechanism of the psychological techniques of auto-organization, what qualifies us to an application more conscious of the several methods. This covers the second part of the book, chapters I to III.

Those two elements - auto-knowledge and application of the techniques - they will enable us to have larger domain over our psychic reactions, larger mental and emotional control.

Finally, in order to enlarge our internal possibilities, we introduced one of the aspects of Yoga, that of the Meditation, great instrument for, on a side, to get a deeper interiority and, on other, a better use of our mental capacity.

This equilibrium of the internal nature is not an easy task; I know for personal experience. Though, for all those who get to face that challenge with success, the years passed on the face of the earth will be fuller of harmony and of welfare, at the same time in that they will be led to an wide-ranging evolution, involving the physicist, the psychic and the spiritual.

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