"The Man and the Universe"

The Man and the Universe

 All human being has its internal disharmonies, which provokes badly feeling and suffering.   It is necessary to find a way for the balance and the interior welfare. This way exists and is firming each time more in the thought and the proposals of thinkers of our time. They are techniques that help the man to find the vital and central point of his personality. When the man finds this core of his internal nature he surpasses his unbalanced condition and starts living in an atmosphere of bigger tranquility and interior peace. This way, among others, involves the esoterism, the psychology and techniques of the Eastern traditions, and is exactly the presentation of aspects of these ways that we consider to show in the articles that are inserted in this page, as well as in this book.   "The MAN AND the UNIVERSE" is a Theosophic grounding of the principles presented by Helena Petrovna Blavatsky, according with the thought of José Henrique de Souza and other great thinkers, principles these seen under the prism of the science and the psychology.  With a simple language and an exposition as much as possible didactics, the book approaches, in synthesis, the structure of the Universe, the structure of the Man and the great game of the human soul when leading with the opposing principles that we could call Good and Badly. It points out the position of the man inside of the cosmic context, showing the potentialities that are inherent in him. It indicates a safe way for the man to awake the Divine flame that exists inside of each one of us and get to reach his fullness. It shows the interior transformation and the conquest of the psychic balance, as the only way for the victory of the man in his evolutionary process.
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Author: Zélia de Toledo Piza

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The Man and the Universe

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