My search of the knowledge on the Universe and on the human being comes from long date. Among the theories with which I had contact, the one that I think more solid, clearer and more real is the one presented by the Theosophy. It has satisfied my yearning of knowing and is the one that more thoroughly opened my horizons so that I could penetrate, at least partly, inside of this extraordinary mystery of the Creation.
This is the reason why I compiled this sequence of classes of simplified Theosophy, all based on the word of great Masters of Occultism as well as of the Science.
Through those classes, I try to present the formation of the Universe and the human being's situation inside of that context. When placing himself and when knowing his structure and possibilities, the man gets to find the road for his self-realization.
The difficulty is to know through where to begin, once the subject is constituted of a global totality and certain affirmatives depend on bases that cannot be presented at the same time. I will always make reference to the other chapters where the subject is treated with more detail.
It is necessary to think about each part and to go on joining the stones to be able, finally, to compose a wider set, perfect and harmoniously interlinked.
The objective of the book is to try to help to unmask the road that will drive us towards our "Cup of Santo Graal", that, as says the legend, it cures all of the evils and it contains the nectar of the eternity. It is inside of each one of us, being just enough to raise the veils that hide it.


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