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Omar Kayzin

"Be always alert! The sentry that falls asleep is condemned to die!"



"The silence is God. Not only the auricular silence, but the silence of the body, of the thoughts, of the desires".


Ken Wilber in "Conscience without borders":

"We have to die for our me false and fragmented, in order to wake up for our Me immortal and transcendent. An Oriental thought says: If you die before dying, then, when you die, you won't die.

The death is a periodic incident of an infinite life."


The value of the Smile - anonymous

"A smile anything cost, but it is worth a lot, a lot.

It enriches the one who wins it and the one who gives doesn't become poor.

It lasts just an instant, but it can in the memory to last eternally. Nobody is so rich that be able to disdain it, nor is so miserable that can refuse it.

It brings to the home happiness; in the businesses it is support and it is the most tangible proof of a deep friendship.

A smile gives rest to whom is tired and to whom is discouraged gives new force and courage; it consoles in the sadness and in all our pains it is the more homely medicine.

Nobody buys it, because it is only worth in the instant that we give it freely.

And if one day you find someone who denies you a smile, give him generous by yours, because nobody needs so much the comfort of a smile, as that poor person that closed in himself, alone, didn't learn how to give it.

"Smile, even if your smile he sad, because, sadder than a sad smile, it is the sadness of not knowing how to smile."


The pearl of the experience              Zélia de Toledo Piza

"The pearl is made by the penetration of a parasite inside of the shell, which causes certain irritation; to defend, the oyster emits a type of enamel that condenses in the pearl. The collisions of the life work as parasites that stimulate our psyche to generate defenses, enamels, that end up involving those parasites, taking them to be transformed in the pearls of the human experience, in the pearls of the evolutionary process."


Santo Agostinho

"Suddenly You, oh God, were inside of my heart; me, however, walked out, and outside looking for You.

You did us for You, Master, and restless is our heart until that finds rest in You."


Carlos Castañeda in Dom Juan's" teachings

"Any road is just a road and it doesn't constitute any insult - for him or for the other ones - to abandon him when it orders like this his heart. Look at each road with careful and attention. Try him so many times as you judge necessary... Then, do to yourself and just to yourself a question: does that road possess a heart? In affirmative case, the road is good. Otherwise, that road doesn't possess any importance".


Mc. Dougal, English, that in 1.905 published "Physiologic Psychology" and in 1.908 "Introduction to the Social Psychology", he affirms that:

The human being's largest wear, are not the economical responsibilities, the fight for the survival, but the gigantic effort that the individual does to pretend to be that which he is not. To pretend being perfect, according to the patterns that he established."



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