Zélia de Toledo Piza

The most difficult thing that exists is to see flaws in ourselves. It is very easy to see in the other ones. As for my unbalances, I rationalize, that is, arrange a good excuse to explain my unbalanced attitudes. I lost the patience because so-and-so made that like this, like this...

But God, that created the Universe, is constituted by two poles in perfect balance. They are those two divine poles that reflect in me. If I intend that my God has only one pole, he will be a false God.

If I don't accept my unbalances, what does happen? I hide, I repress. I mask my personality. It is the persona, in other words, the mask of Yung that tries to hide my reality."


José Henrique de Souza

The beauty, the harmony comes from the interior and they are irradiated from within to outside, as if it were the own sunbeams."


Michel Quoist

"The bricklayer lied down the brick in the cement layer. Handling the shovel with safety, he threw over it another layer. And, without asking his opinion, he put on top another brick. The walls grew visibly. The house was going to rise high and solid to shelter the men.

I have been thinking, Master, in that brick, buried, through the night, at the foot of the great house. Nobody sees it, but he perfectly well carries out his role and the others need him.

Master, what matters I am at the top of the house or in their foundations, as long as I am faithful, exactly in my place, inside of Your construction."



We cannot be all captains; we have to be, also, crew. In the trek of the life, there is, for each one of us, a specific function. There are great works, but, also, there are others smaller. The most important task is that which we are undertaking now, that which is inside of the routines of our day by day".


Santo Agostinho

"Master, as a lost sheep that walks to and fro, seeking the road, also I looked for You in the exterior, without noticing that You were in me. I traveled streets and squares of the city of this world, looking for You always and I didn't find You because, in vain, I sought outside that which was inside of me."



"In transcendental experiences it a phenomenon similar to the one of the person that is climbing a high mountain; the more she ascends, more far away she sees and more difficult it becomes to describe for the ones that are more below what she is getting to see."


Fritjof Kapra

"Taking of the arch, the Integral Man's great weapon, in him we should put a sharp arrow by the meditation. Distending it with the thought turned to the essence of the Eternal, penetrate the Imperishable as target."



"Among all the marvels of the creation of God, two are projected. One above us - the immensity of the starry skies. Other, inside of us - the man's spirit".