Mario Paziente

"A lot of people don't try to know how to do to get the ideal outline for evolution, but they object to all the proposals. I would like to remind the following:

When we go to a chemistry class, we don't put objections to that which is said; we take note of everything and we go to the laboratory to verify if what was said is true. For instance: the electricity separates H from the O. THE sulfur when it burns is in fact yellow. When I go to a physics class, I also don't object on what is said; I go to the laboratory and text the laws - the game of forces, the gravity law etc.

When I get in touch with data on self-realization, I need to try to understand what is being placed; I should take note of everything and to be interested about the subject. I should not accept, but I should go to the laboratory of my own personality and to do my experience. Then I go and I make the test. Only after to meditating and acting, that is, after trying, I can form a concept of that which is being said. Any objection that I do before is fruit of an unreflecting action."



"It is by the book and not by the sword, that the humanity will win the lie and the injustice and will conquer the Final Peace of the Fraternity among the peoples."



Helena Petrovna Blavatsky

"That who lives for the Humanity does much more than that which dies for her".


Eduardo Alfonso

We should advance three steps towards the moral perfection, for each step conquest in the intellectual progress, because to progress in knowledge without the safety of using them for the good, is to expose us to fall in the abysses of the black magic."




"Insist less on your rights and privileges and be more conscious of your duties and responsibilities, as member of the family, of the society, of the state."