Zélia de Toledo Piza

"The objective of the self-realization is to take the man to develop his capacity of discernment and to become capable to react in a way absolutely fair in relation to the demands of a certain situation."

"It means that the man will go, progressively, being capable to put the mental above of the emotional demands. The proof that this encounter of the man with himself is a cyclical need, is in the fact of be appearing, inside of the psychology, extremely effective techniques as the Analysis Transactional, Gestalt, the analytical Psychology of Yung, the ideas of Rogers, of Maslow, the Neuro linguistics and others. All taking to the auto-surpass."



"To think is easy, to act is difficult. To act in agreement with the own ideas is the most difficult thing that exists in this world."


Fritjof Capra

In the tremendous interior fight described in Bhagavad-Gita, Krishna says to Arjuna: "Kill with the sword of the wisdom the doubt born of the ignorance that inhabit in your heart. Be in harmony with yourself same, in Yoga, and rise yourself, great warrior, rise yourself."


Kant says the following:

"We see the things not like they are, but like we are." Each one interprets through what he has inside of himself. It depends on the capacity of perception, in the way of feeling and of the interpretation that is done in agreement with the internal prism of each one. It is as the case of that blind boy who asked: "How is the sun?" And it received as answer: "It is as a brass tray". This is because the other had vision and the sun was reflecting in full on the tray that was on top of the table. The blind boy catches the tray, he touches it, he examines it and he beats on her with the fingers. He hears the sound.  The following day, when hearing the sound of the bell of the Church, he says: "How beautiful! There it is the sun!" He it means that all of the Universal realities, including the reality of our fellow creatures, they are interpreted by the limited requisites of my interior structure. Therefore, my concept is always incomplete and imperfect."


Anthony Robbins

"For me, success is the continuous process of the effort to become larger. It is the opportunity to continue growing emotional, social, spiritual, physiologic, intellectual and financially, while we contribute in some positive way for others. The highway of the success is always in construction. It is a road that moves forward, not an end to be reached."


D. Malloch

"If you cannot be a pine tree in the summit of the mountain, be a herb in the valley - but be the best little herb at the edge of the stream. Be a bush, if you cannot be a tree. We all cannot be captains, we have to be army. For everybody there is in the Earth some place. There is a lot of work to do and few workers. And the task to choose is the closest. If you cannot be the real highway, be then a shortcut. Not able to be the sun, be a star. Be, however, the best possible, that which you are."


Alfredo of Vigny

"The fort creates the events, the weak, simply obeys the Destiny."